Louis Hammerich (the older)

Age: 85
Born: 16-05-1830 in Kiel
Died: 04-04-1916 in Aarhus

Occupation: Chief of police

A-level in 1847. Law student at the University of Kiel when the war broke out in 1848. Went to Copenhagen 17 years old, where he signed up on 4th April with the 5th Line-battalion as a volunteer. Went through basic as well as officer's training and was still at the age of 17 appointed 2nd. lieutenant. Participated as officer in the war 1849-50 at the battle of Fredericia and as a very young 1st lieutenant at Isted, where he got wounded.

Awarded the Cross of the Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog.


Law degree in 1853 in Flensburg. In 1854 deputy judge and mayor in Eckernfoerde, in 1856 judge in Nieboel. From 1858-64 chief of police and alderman in Flensburg, at the time the 3rd largest city of the kingdom. CancellirĂ¥d and D.M. With his Danish sympathies he got dismissed from Office by the Germans after they took Flensburg in the 1864-war and moved to Roskilde.

Finished in 1865 his second law degree in Copenhagen at the age of 34. From 1867-1877 chief of police in Aarhus. However, he did not understand the young labour movement, and in 1875 Louis Pio (founder of Danish Labour) filed a complaint with the ministry of justice, when Hammerich tried to forbid a social meeting. Judge in Kronborg Vestre Birk from 1877-1906 living at the beautiful estate Kongens Gave in Helsinge.

Socially active and very attentive towards the ladies. Chairman of Frederiksborg Plantation Society and of Helsinge Kagerup Railways. After his retirement in 1906 and appointment to konferensraad he moved back to Aarhus 76 years old.

Awarded Cross of the Commander of the Order of the Dannebrog, 2nd degree.


Father: Emil Hammerich, born 1801, died 1877
Mother: Louise Charlotte Amalie Hammerich, nee Tvermoes, born 1806, died 1890
Married: Ida Christiane Hammerich, nee Worsaae,1854. Born 1833, died 1902.

Children: 06-04-1855 Emil Hammerich, died 1914
20-10-1856 Carl Ulrich Hammerich, died 1906
1858 Margrethe Louise Hammerich, m. Petersen, died 1942
02-07-1859 Louis Hammerich (Pater), died 1931
10-03-1861 Kai August Hammerich, died 1946
22-04-1863 Jens Worsaa Hammerich, died 1932
23-04-1868 Frederik Christian Hammerich, died 1919.