Our family is not only old, but we are a very large Danish family originating from Schleswig-Holstein, the former Danish counties in today's northern Germany. This web site is held by the Aarhus line of the family who came here from Flensburg. Further information under Family.

The Hammerich family is via marriages connected to other ancient Danish families, such as Tvermoes, Bjerring, Worsaae, Bentzen, von Stemann, Hendriksen, Langballe, Thyssen, Bodenhoff, Rump, Sahl, Schourup, Bering and Bering Liisberg. From the Berings the families Lassen, Hoyer, Irgens, Munck, v. Hoff, Faber, Nyrop, Burmeister, Cortsen, Gjoerup, With, Gyldenkrone, Hoegh-Guldberg, Ingerslev and others descent.

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