Louis Hammerich (Pater)

Age: 71
Born: 02-07-1859 in Flensborg
Died: 25-04-1931 in Risskov
Burried: Nordre Kirkegård, Aarhus

Occupation: Merchant

The German invasion of Flensburg in 1864 made the family move to Denmark, where his father Louis H. later became chief of police in Aarhus. His upbringing then continued in 18, Guldsmedgade. Exam. equalling O-level from Aarhus Katedralskole 1875.

Learned trade at Hans Broge's, a leading merchant. Got his trade license 28-12-1883 and on 1st January, 1884 he took over the building materials business from I. C. Seidelin (annual sales DKK 70.000) at Fredens Torv, where he also took up residence. The firm L. Hammerich & Co. got registered as Ltd. Company No. 645 in 1911 and moved to Groennegade 57-59 in 1927.

When he left Hans Broge to bigin his own business, Broge presented Pater with the above mahogany desk which had been his own. The desk remained with the family after Pater's death, and 127 years after it was given him, as at January 2011 it has found a new home with the Odd-Fellow lodge No. 101 Hans Broge, Aarhus.

Married Ellen Liisberg, daughter of the merchant, brewer and distiller, alderman Hans Laurits Bering Liisberg.

Together with his friend Vilhelm Kier he bought up before World War I large areas of land in the Mols Hills. Together they owned most of the land from Strankaer to Tre Hoeje and down to Fuglsoe, but the authorities, especially the Nature Conservancy Board made them sell, and eventually Pater kept only Provstgaarden and Kier some areas at Fuglsoe.

12, Fredens Torv

Guardian to Aarhus Cathedral 1894-1928. Prime mover and fund raiser for a number of significant works on the church such as central heating, the restoration of the organ, a new copper roof and finaly the new, higher steeple, all substantial tasks at the time. Chairman of board of representa-
tives of Aahus Theatre. Chairman of the board of representatives of Aarhus Privat-
bank. Chairman of the board of The Muse-
um the Old Tow
n after having served as treasurer and fund raiser in the crucial early stages of the museum.

At first manager, later member of the board of The Danish Moor Company. Member of the board of Aarhus Trade Association, Aarhus Timber Company, Hans Schourup and Brdr. Kier, Aarhus Churchfoundation and Aarhus Higher School for Girls. Member of the Sea Court. Participated at the establishment of The Cementfactory Dania, Aarhus Bay Steamship Company og Jutland Business Academy.

In 1901 he bought the summer residence Soeholt in Risskov on the corner of Skolevangs Allé and Rolighedsvej. The house was extended in the next years, and around 1905 the family took up permanent residence there.

After Mater's death in 1961 Søholt was taken over by Risskov Church, the house was demolished and the plot made part of the churchyard.

Awarded the Cross of the Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog in 1907, The Hounorable Medal of the Order of the Dannebrog in 1921, and the Cross of the Commander of the Dannebrog in 1928. His lifestory from "Ordenskapitlet" can be viewed in Danish via this link.

The family foundation in memory of Pater and Mater was established in 1936 on the iniative of their son, Paul Hammerich.

Father: Louis Hammerich. Born 16-07-1830, died 04-04-1916.
Mother: Ida Christiane Hammerich, nee Worsaae. Born 03-06-1833, died 21-07-1902.
Married: Eleonora Marie (Ellen) Hammerich, née Liisberg (Mater) 23-10-1885 Aarhus Domkirke. Born 04-06-1866, died 15-08-1961.

Children: 14-11-1886 Louis Aage (Gamle) Hammerich. Died 25-03-1954. One child
25-04-1888 Carl Hammerich. Died 21-03-1945. Three children
03-03-1890 Ellen Margrethe (Belle) v. Stemann, nee Hammerich. Died 15-12-1980. Two children
03-02-1893 Paul Hammerich. Died 30-07-1936. Two children
28-10-1894 Oluf (Ole) Hammerich. Died 14-02-1955. Three children
30-10-1897 Frederik Christian (Dixe) Hammerich. Died 13-10-1980. One child*
16-12-1900 Julie Ida (Lule) Larsen, nee Hammerich. Died 08-11-1980. Two children
08-06-1903 Agnete Louise (Nete) Hammerich. Died 10-03-1976
22-08-1906 Minna (Mim) Sahl, nee Hammerich. Died 18-09-1995. Three children
28-09-1910 Sven Hammerich. Died 12-06-1991. Three children.

     40-years wedding aniversary. Photo taken in front of the main entrance at Soeholt